What are the common water treatment methods? Four misunderstandings about drinking water?

The five common water treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Ultraviolet sterilization method: only kill bacteria and viruses.
(2) Boiling method: only kill bacteria and viruses.
(3) Ozone sterilization method: only kill bacteria and viruses.
(4) Activated carbon: It can remove organic matter, odor, pesticide, chloroform, chlorine, etc.
(5) Ion exchange method: It can remove more impurities, but the cost is higher.

Four misunderstandings about drinking water

1)Is it safe to drink boiled water?

Boiling tap water can only kill bacteria and viruses in the water, but it cannot eliminate chloroform (carcinogen), nor can it eliminate impurities such as pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals. What’s more serious is that when tap water is boiled for a long time, nitrous acid will also be produced. Salt is a more powerful carcinogen.

2)”Drinking bottled water is clean, safe and convenient”

(1) Bottled water needs to buy water, wait for water, and it is not convenient to carry water.
(2) Secondary pollution is easily formed during storage and circulation. The shelf life of bottled water is only 24 hours after opening the lid. As long as it is opened, the air will enter, and new bacteria will be generated in a suitable temperature environment. It is basically impossible to drink it after seven days.
(3) Unscrupulous businessmen, greedy for huge profits, pour tap water or raw water directly into the barrels, so a considerable part of the bottled water in the market does not meet the standard.

3) Pure water lacks minerals and trace elements

(1) The role of water in the human body is mainly to transport nutrients, metabolize, and balance body temperature. Minerals and trace elements in water are very small, and free minerals cannot be absorbed by the human body. The minerals and nutrients needed by the human body mainly come from food. The minerals contained in 1 cup of milk are equal to the minerals contained in 1200 cups of water. The minerals provided by an orange to the human body are higher than that of 100kg of tap water. The main function of drinking water is to replenish the body’s water.
(2) There is no evidence to prove that drinking pure water is harmful to health, foreign developed countries have a long history of citing pure water, and no adverse effects on the body have been found!
(3) In order to fundamentally change the water quality, scientific and healthy drinking water, ultrafiltration pure water equipment is required.

4) “The ancestors lived without drinking pure water for generations”

(1) The tap water you drink today is different from the original water. The original natural environment was better, with blue sky, white clouds, fine white sand, and clear river water. Today, the pollution of the natural environment is increasing day by day, with industrial sewage, Waste gas, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, high-tech, electromagnetic radiation and other harmful substances.
(2) Modern people are not the same as the original people. They pay more attention to the quality of life and have higher and higher requirements. TVs are made of black and white—color TV—digital rear projection. Drinking water from tap water—bottled water—bottled water—purified water machine

Therefore, living in a busy city and facing various water pollution, drinking pure water is the foundation of people’s health and longevity.

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