What are the factors that cause the problem of dust removal bags?

After a period of time, the dust removal bag will have many problems, and these problems are enough to attract our attention. Only by solving these small problems can the entire dust removal equipment be able to operate normally and smoothly. So why are dust bags prone to these problems? We can find out:

1) the processing quality of dust bag products is particularly important. In recent years, some manufacturers use small sewing machines as processing equipment, and use inferior thread as raw material during processing, which is false and real, and the processing level is far behind. So that the filter bag will appear open lines, cracks, bottoms and other phenomena in a short time of use. Although the size of the cloth bag is slightly smaller, it can also be used, but after absorbing the dust with a larger specific gravity, the bag will drop out after a period of use.

2)The choice of dust medium dust removal bag cloth depends on the dust properties of the dust, and it is necessary to consider whether the dust contains acid, alkali or strong corrosive substances. Select the suitable filter material according to the nature of the dust, so that the filter bag can absorb the dust normally without affecting its service life.

3)The use temperature is accurate to select the dust filter bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature, which is the hub of the filter bag. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust filter bag will exceed the normal operating temperature, the filter bag will shorten the service life in light, and will burn out in a short time in severe cases. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, the inlet temperature of the dust collector must be measured and calculated, and the corresponding dust filter bag should be selected.

4)filter wind speed. The filter wind speed of the bag filter is too high, which is the main reason for the damage of the dust bag.

Our filter bag is preferably a deep three-dimensional filter material. The material used is increased by 20%, so that the adsorption capacity of particles can be increased by 25%, and the 3D fiber is increased by 5%, so that the filtration is cleaner. At the same time, the five-thread hemming is used for tight sewing to ensure that each filter bag can achieve the best filtering guarantee, and the surface is treated with polished/felted. Pls feel free to buy with us on high quality filter bags [email protected]

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