What are the scope of application of stamped outer ring bearings?

1. Stamped outer ring needle roller bearing split hole type and sealing type, stamped outer ring needle roller bearing without inner ring, direct contact with the surface, so that the processing accuracy and heat treatment hardness of the bearing should be the same. Scope of application: Cage stamped outer ring needle roller bearings are suitable for high speed, heavy duty, gearbox or textile machinery for machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles. The ring frame of the needle roller bearing without holding the needle roller, if filled with needle roller, is suitable for heavy duty operating conditions. For the flat frame of the shaft, the wing end, etc.

2, solid ferrule needle roller bearing, solid ferrule needle roller bearing is the use of Na type and RNA type. Scope of application: solid ring needle roller bearings, machine tools, automotive transmissions. It has the advantage of a small cross-sectional size for radial bearing radial loads. Standard solid ferrule needle roller housing, such a high speed, adapted to the requirements of the machine tool, automotive gearbox.

3. Scope of application of needle roller bearings: printing machinery, forage machinery, agricultural machinery, roller CNC equipment track, conveyor line.

4. Assemble needle roller and cage. Needle roller and cage assemblies are actually needle roller bearings without an inner ring, and are suitable for use: this type of bearing, transmission, motorcycle, car connecting rod big and small end. Due to the increase in cylinder temperature, the bearing temperature is high.

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