Womens Faux Hawk Hairstyle

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Women’s hairstyling options are endless. There are so many styles you can choose from, however, finding the perfect one to suit your lifestyle, fashion sense, and overall look can be difficult. The faux hawk style is a beloved classic that is great for almost any situation and is sure to make a statement.

Wavy Faux Hawk

blonde woman with wavy faux-hawk

If you have wavy hair and want to pull off a faux hawk without spending too much time styling, this is the perfect look for you. The longer strands of hair on the sides are simply gelled back and the voluminous locks at the middle are left to stand on their own. A few highlights and lowlights provide a more dynamic look.

Half Up Faux Hawk

redhead woman with half-up faux-hawk

This look is easy to pull off and can be achieved by simply gathering the top section of hair and securing it with an elastic or bobby pin. The natural waves will give it a less structured, more relaxed appearance which is very fashionable. Add some accessories to complete the look.

Braided Faux Hawk

black woman with braided faux-hawk

The braided faux hawk is perfect for all hair textures, but especially for naturally curly or kinky hair. Start by cornrowing the sides of your hair up and back, leaving the center section out then wrap it around like a normal faux hawk. Add a few colorful beads for a fun and girly touch.

Tousled Faux Hawk

brunette woman with tousled faux-hawk

This look requires very minimal effort to pull off and is perfect if you have shoulder-length hair or longer. All you have to do is apply some volumizing mousse or gel, rough it up with your fingers, and then finish with a bit of hairspray. This style is great for running errands or going out with friends.

Pixie Faux Hawk

blonde woman with pixie faux-hawk

This daring look can be achieved with medium length, pixie cut styled into a faux hawk. It’s perfect for both day and night, and you can even add a bit of gel or mousse for a more polished look. Accessories such as headbands are great for adding a touch of femininity to your look.

Highlighted Faux Hawk

light brunette woman with highlighted faux-hawk

This style is ideal for any edgy woman with an eye for fashion. Highlighted faux hawks are perfect for medium to long hair and provide a unique twist to an otherwise classic style. Try the look with some subtle, yet bold colors like pink or blue for a truly eye-catching style.

Faux hawks are a great way to make a statement with your style and give you the option to express yourself in a bold new way. Whether you want to go for a more caeautious and relaxed look, or go all
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