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There’s no better way to make a dramatic change than with a fresh, new hairstyle. Summer is the perfect time to revamp your look and give yourself a fresh start. It’s also the time of year when temperature and humidity are at the highest levels, prompting many to choose shorter, more manageable hairstyles. Whether you’re looking to keep it natural or find a new style that will turn heads, we’ve got the best short haircuts for women that are sure to impress.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Hairstyle

A timeless classic among women’s short haircuts, the pixie cut instantly adds texture and volume while making the face look beautifully angled. The best part? It works with almost any face shape, making it an ideal look for everyone. Pair it with loose waves or shaggy layers and you’ve got an effortless style that looks amazing all summer long.

Bob with Bangs

Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

This classic look is a great alternative for anyone who’s considering a short style. It has the perfect mix of sophistication and edginess, making it a great choice for any occasion. Simply add some volume to the waves and select either a side-swept or full bang to complete the look. Looking for an extra something? Add an ombre to the ends for a touch of glamour.

Undercut Bob

Undercut Bob Hairstyle

The undercut bob is the perfect way to make a statement without having to commit to a dramatic look. It features an undercut with an extra-short section on the back and longer layers on the sides and top. Play around with different textures and you’ll have a unique hairstyle that still looks professional. Add some curls for a double-dose of fabulousness.

Bob with Layers

Bob with Layers Hairstyle

For a more playful approach to the traditional bob, consider adding some layers. This look is perfect for adding volume and depth to your natural locks. Simply add some product to the ends to create more texture and you’ve got an easy and stylish look that’s perfect for any summer outing. Add a subtle ombre to the layers and you’ve got a winning style.

Lob with Long Bangs

Lob with Long Bangs Hairstyle

This look is great for women with long face shapes as well as those looking to add a subtle red carpet glamour to their look. The long, side-swept bangs cover the forehead while adding texture and dimension to the face. Pair it with some shaggy layers and you’ve got a look that’s sure to draw attention.

Finger Waves

Finger Waves Hairstyle

Not only do finger waves look amazing, they’re also a great way to add some volume to shorter hairstyles. Simply use a curling iron to create tight, “S”-shaped curls and
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