Working principle of ultrafiltration equipment

Ultrafiltration is used to intercept colloidal particles in water, while water and low molecular weight solutes are allowed to pass through the membrane. The mechanism of ultrafiltration refers to the comprehensive effect of mechanical screening on the membrane surface, membrane pore blocking and adsorption on the membrane surface and membrane pores, mainly screen filtration.

(1) Principle

In the process of ultrafiltration membrane screening, the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane is the driving force and the ultrafiltration membrane is the filter medium. Under a certain pressure, when the raw liquid flows through the membrane surface, many small pores on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane only allow water and small molecular substances to pass through and become the permeate, while the substances with a volume larger than the micro pore size on the membrane surface are intercepted on the inlet side of the membrane and become the concentrated liquid, so as to realize the purification of the raw liquid purpose of separation and concentration.

(2) ultrafiltration membrane and ultrafiltration device

① Type of ultrafiltration membrane:

Commonly used ultrafiltration membranes include cellulose acetate membrane, polysulfone membrane and polyamide membrane

② Ultrafiltration device: it mainly includes plate frame type, tube type, roll type and hollow fiber type, which is similar to reverse osmosis device.

③ Ultrafiltration process parameters

The main parameters are membrane flux, membrane cleaning and membrane life.

When the operating pressure is 0.11 ~ 0.6MPa and the temperature is less than 60 ℃, the membrane flux of ultrafiltration membrane should be 1 ~ 500L / m2h. The factors affecting the membrane flux are: influent flow rate, operating pressure, temperature, influent concentration and raw water pretreatment.

The membrane must be cleaned regularly to prolong the service life of the membrane. The service life of the membrane in normal use is 12 ~ 18 months.

④ Application of ultrafiltration in wastewater treatment

Nowadays, it has been applied to the treatment of painting wastewater, metal processing wastewater and food industry wastewater in automobile manufacturing industry and the recovery of useful substances.

Ultrafiltration technology is widely used in the process of water treatment equipment:

<1>. The pretreatment of reverse osmosis includes seawater, surface water, well water, etc.

<2>. Urban, township and rural water supply treatment.

<3>. Condensate reuse, food and beverage processing water.

<4>. Remove heat source from pharmaceutical water.

<5>. Treat surface water and well water for drinking.

<6>. Advanced treatment of wastewater for recycling.

<7>. Baijiu wine, turbidity, fruit wine, wine, yellow wine sterilization, turbidity removal.

<8>. It is used for concentration treatment in food, fermentation and dairy industry.

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