X Men Storm Hairstyle

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Summer’s coming! Remember when you were a kid, dreaming up all sorts of adventures starring your favorite superheroes and comic book characters? Never in your wildest dreams did you anticipate that they’d eventually become reality. You might not have the superhuman abilities of an X-Men character, but you can still make summer this year even more extraordinary.


Storm from X-Men

Storm was an indispensable part of the X-Men team. Her powers may have been a little bit less flashy than some of her teammates, but her strength of character and ability to control the weather were incredibly useful. When you need to jump start your summer, try controlling the weather in your own way by planning your days perfectly.

Organize your calendar exactly how you want it, noting special events like picnics, hikes, family road trips, music festivals and other fun summertime activities. You can even spice up those picnics with delicious summer recipes inspired by Storm, like her Stormy Nachos or Stormy Fruit Parfait. Even if you don’t have control over the weather, you have the power to control your summer.

One of the greatest parts about summer is that it encourages people of all ages to come out and be more active. Whether it’s playing beach volleyball or swimming in your local lake, it’s a great way to stay fit and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. Get your friends and family together to play games and participate in activities that you might not be able to do during the rest of the year.

Make Summer Super Fun

Go on an epic adventure to your favorite amusement park, or take some time to explore your own neighborhood. Make summer your own and make it super fun. Get inspired by Storm and declare summer “the most wonderful time of the year.” Who knows, you might even discover your own mutant powers… just kidding!

No matter what you do this summer, have fun, stay safe and make memories. When it comes to summertime, it really is the little things that count. Storm knew that, which is why she wrote her own special recipe for sweet success. Let it be your guide as you make your summer “unstoppable.”

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